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Personal representative

Referred to in Limitation Acts 1939-1980. Includes any person who is or has been a personal representative of the deceased, including an executor who has not proved the will, but not anyone appointed only as a special personal representative in relation to settlea land. Regard shall be had to any knowledge acquired by any such person while a personal representative or previously. If there is more than one personal representative, the reference ‘to date of knowledge’ (see above) is taken as referring to the earliest of the dates on which any personal representative had knowledge


Variety of products which the insurer offers in different markets to different customers


Anything owned or in the possession of the personal insurance customer. It is the physical control or occupancy of land or property etc., whether or not accompanied by ownership

Prima facie

In law this is evidence that is sufficient to establish a fact or to raise a presumption of the truth of a fact unless there is other evidence to the contrary

Proportional reinsurance

The reinsurer accepts a fixed share of the risks the insurer has previously accepted. There are two bases:
■ Quota share – where a fixed share of all of the risks are reinsured.
■ Surplus – where only amounts above the insurer’s retention rate are reinsured

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