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Permanent partial disablement

Permanent disablement which is not total. However, the loss of one limb or one eye might be said to constitute partial disablement, the term is usually intended to refer to disablement which is less severe

Permanent total disablement

Permanent total disablement can be defined in a number of ways according to the extent of cover which insurer wish to give. The most common definitions are:

-          Permanent total disablement from gainful employment of any and every kind;

-          Permanent total disablement from the insured’s usual occupation and any other occupation for which they are fitted by knowledge and training;

Permanent total disablement from the insured person’s usual occupation

Period of cover

The period shown in the customer’s schedule, for which the insurer has agreed to accept and for which the customer has paid, or agreed to pay a premium

Personal insurance

Insurance directed to, or related to the individual and includes such products as:

-          Buildings insurance;

-          Contents insurance;

-          Personal possessions insurance;

-          Caravan insurance;

-          Personal accident and sickness;

-          PHI;

-          Travel;

Legal expenses

Personal possessions

Personal property, including high risk items, and pedal cycles and accessories (up to a specified limit, e.g. ₤300 per pedal cycle and ₤600 in total for any one incident) unless otherwise specified.

1.   Unspecified personal possessions. The customer’s personal possessions which do not exceed a specified limit, e.g. ₤1000 in value per item and which the customer has not insured separately

2.   Specified personal possessions (the customer would have to pay an additional premium for this). The customer’s personal possessions which usually exceed a specified limit (in this example it would be more than ₤1000) in value and/or which need to be insured separately. These items will be shown separately on the customer’s schedule, for example money, livestock and pets etc.

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