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Office equipment

Office furniture, computers, including their keyboards, visual display units, printers, word processors, fax machines, photocopiers, typewriters and telecommunications equipment. Subject to an overall limit stated in the contents definition (e.g. ₤7500 and ₤2500 any one item)

Operative clause

This clause states what the policy will pay for and can be a reasonably short clause depending on the type of cover. For example, in a fire policy which covers the cost of damage by fire, lightning or explosion. A comprehensive motor policy clause can be very lengthy in view of  the various types of loss or liabilities which are being insured


Where part of the business is undertaken by a third party as they can provide a better service due to their expertise in that area. Service level agreements will be developed which will ensure the delivery of a quality service and the third party will be measured against the fulfillment of the service levels

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