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Marketing mix

Everything the personal insurance company can do influence the market; classified under the four ‘Ps’: (Product, Price, Place, promotion).


Commercial goods and commodities. in terms of personal insurance, this would be the products and services the insurer offers to its customers


Current bank notes and coins, cheques, postal and money orders, postage stamps that are not part of a stamp collection, savings stamps and saving certificates, phone cards, luncheon vouchers, travelers cheques, travel tickets, premium bonds, prepaid tickets and gift vouchers, except any items held for business purposes

Morbidity rate

The relative incidence of a particular disease in a specific locality or gender

Motor vehicles

Any electrically or mechanically powered vehicles (including motorcycles, toys and models). This does not include:

-          Any electrically or mechanically powered wheelchairs or gardening machinery;

Any electrically or mechanically powered toys, models or golf trolleys which are controlled by someone on foot

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