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The condition of being unable to perform a task or function because of a physical or mental impairment. Total disablement from engaging or giving attention to normal occupation resulting from accidental bodily injury or sickness


Personal insurance products are sold or delivered to customers. In terms of marketing mix, this will be the way the insurer promotes and positions its personal insurance products within its different distribution channels, e.g. in branches, via brokers etc


A body of teaching, particularly in terms of the law which is presented for acceptance by the legal profession

Domestic animals

Any insured animal described in the insurance schedule. If more than one animal is insured, the terms, conditions and exclusions will apply to each as if they had been insured separately. The following are not included :Animals
- Whilst in quarantine;
- Used primarily for showing, working or breeding;
- Not owned solely by the the insured;
- Having any physical defect, illness or disease known to the insured but not accepted in writing by the insurer;
- Outside the geographical limits, usually Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland; and;
- Horses or panies that have not been broken in.

Down time

The amount of time a computer system is not working, which results in staff not being able to carry our their work effectively

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