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Consumer goods

The less durable items of soft furnishings such as curtains, bed linen, towels and clothing which are likely to wear out very quickly


Is the right of an insurer to call upon others similarly, but not necessarily equally, liable to the same insured to share the cost of an indemnity payment.

Contributory negligence

The failure by a person to use reasonable care for the safety of themselves or their property so that they become the author of their own wrong. Contributory negligence does not mean beach of duty

Cross selling

Is where a company have built a customer base on their strength in the marketplace, and have used their position and reputation to sell another type of product. For example, virgin records customers being encouraged to buy virgin financial products


The overriding beliefs, values and knowledge of the organization which is shared by everyone working in it. To ensure that than an insurer delivers on these beliefs, e.g. that the customer comes first, they may try to align themselves to suppliers who have the same type of philosophy and culture

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