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Usually, the definition used is:
The caravan or trailer shown in the schedule which belongs to, or is the legal responsibility of the insured, and is used solely for social, domestic and pleasure purposes.
Under the policy there will be specific exclusions, for example some insurers may exclude loss or damage occurring or legal liability arising while:
- The caravan is on a permanent site, away from the home, for more than 30 consecutive days and the caravan is overturned due to storm or flood unless it is securely anchored to the ground at all four corners of the chassis;
- The caravan is being used in any motor sport.


Items of personal moveable property such as furniture, domestic animal.

Cherry picking

A practice where insurers choose only the risks they want to cover and decline to provide quotations for others. This can be due to the risk itself, or it may be considered that the proposer is considered to be a moral hazard or have a poor claims record. Cherry picking developed as the building insurance market opened up, especially to direct writers. Before that, much of the business was arranged through banks and building societies, but some insurers found that by selecting only the risks they wanted, they could offer lower and more competitive premiums to tempt the customer away from their competitors


This is a practice where a customer insurers their property jointly with another insurer

Consumer contracts

Contracts mode between a seller or supplier acting in the course of business and an individual person in their private capacity

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