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A debt security whereby the entity that sells the bond promises to pay the owner of the bond a stated rate of interest over specified period of time, at the end of which time the original amount of borrowed money must be repaid

Bailee of goods

The person who is in possession of the goods at the time the wrongful interference arose, placing them in a position to sue for trespass of the goods and make a claim against their insurers if that was an appropriate action to take


The owner of the goods. However, if they do not possess the goods at the time the wrongful interference arose, they cannot sue for trespass

Bodily injury

The use of this term excludes disease from natural causes, but disease proximately caused by accident is considered to be bodily injury (unless specifically excluded by the policy). Mental shock, fright or grief, unless cousing some physical injury or disease, does not strictly come within the scope of bodily injury, but modern policies tend to include any disablement caused by shock

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