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Association of British Insurance (ABI)

The Association of British Insurance represents virtually the whole of the British Insurance market. Its aim are to:

-          Represent members interests in Government, regulators and other political and trade bodies to help develop their international activities;

-          Influence the development of government policy affecting insurers;

-          Promote the concept of insurance to the media, consumer organizations and through other channels;

-          Provide for members wide range of services including technical guidance, statistical information and standards concerned with e-commerce, training and accounting standards;

-          Develop codes of conduct on insurance practice with which members must comply


An accident is an event which is unexpected, not intended or designed. It does not include the cumulative result of a series of small incidents. For example, in terms of personal accident and sickness cover, if the insured has a bent hand, resulting from use of pneumatic drill, this is not considered to be caused by an accident.

Certain voluntary act which result in bodily injury are included in the definition of accident, e.g. where the insured’s act is the result of a chain of events stemming from the accident. For instance, an insured person who is injured jumping from an upper storey of a burning building sustains injury by accident.

Actionable per se

There is no need to show damage. For example, Trespass is actionable per se and, therefore, damage does not need to be proved

Affinity markets

Where insurance is offered as an ancillary to the core product, e.g. extended warranty offered when a customer buys a new TV

‘Al risk’ product

A policy which provides protection for personal possessions, especially while away from the home. The term can be misleading as there are a number of exclusions. Following criticism some insurers dropped the term and called their product simply ‘personal possessions’

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